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Tracie Ann Tam Tjapkes

Work and Wellness Coach

Coaching people to live a healthy lifestyle with resilience and energy


E Komo Mai (Welcome) I work with professionals who want to live a healthy lifestyle and reach their full potential. My life mission is to “grow people.”   


20 years ago, I began helping physicians with their leadership and their personal growth and have now coached 500+ people who achieved healthier lifestyles.  Results include increased productivity, improved sleep and vitality. I am a certified wellness coach and have worked with clients in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Illinois and Mexico.


Life can be work and play and I can help you make changes one step at a time.   

Full name: Tracie Ann Tam Tjapkes (Chap'kess)

National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Resides in: Kailua, Hawaii

Interests: Wife, mother, daughter, friend, golden doodle owner, half-marathoner, workout enthusiast


“Practical, self-care to improve my quality of life at home and work.

Legitimate, genuine, positive feedback to achieve better work life balance and healthy habits"



Benefits of Coaching

Achieve Greater Focus + Resilience


Make Breakthrough Changes

Gain Insights 

Tap into Your Strengths

Ready for a Coach?

Interested in making a change?

Want to experience measurable results? 

Willing to devote 1 hour a week to make these improvements


If you selected "Yes" to all 3 questions, you're ready!



Complimentary Information Session 

20-minute session


Coaching Packages 

12 Session Package

Unlimited 9-Mo package 

Unlimited 1-Year package


60-minute coaching sessions

The first coaching session includes a Vision & Clarity discovery plan with measurable goals.  Sessions are twice a month for the first two months, followed by monthly sessions. Includes email, text and phone call support.

Special pricing available for self-pay clients

Customized packages available for employers and groups.

Coaching Services which include health and wellbeing goals are eligible expenses for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Saving Account (HSA) reimbursement.

Workshops and Talks

Wellbeing & Resilience for Health Professionals

Group and solo work to learn pathways to greater health, deeper healing and wellbeing.  Participants receive evidence based knowledge, tools and resilience practices designed by the University of Minnesota Earl E. Bakken Center.  7-week workshop, 1.5 hours per week.

Greater Belonging with Mindful Encounters

Learn some practical ways to design belonging and connection into life.  These tips apply to a wide range of activities including client interactions, meetings, potlucks and parties.

Ease into Healthy Habits

Small adjustments with big impact to daily living is doable. Participants learn how to get movement, better energy, and lower stress. 

Kitchen Makeover

Your kitchen can set you up to make food preparation and dining enjoyable. No remodeling needed. I can help you revamp your kitchen so you'll want to have guests over.




Coaching Client Experiences

"Tracie Ann will come along side you to be your best.”

Omar, Pediatric Intensivist, Seattle

“Tracie Ann patiently and expertly helped me

shift to effect positive changes in my life.”

Mika, Pediatrician, Honolulu

“With outstanding communication skills and a compassionate listening approach, Tracie Ann establishes a trusting rapport with her clients.”

Diana, Hospitalist, Kaiser, Hawaii





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