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Amidst an ongoing workforce shortage, organizations and leaders are seeking fresh strategies to attract and retain talented team members. A pivotal solution lies in fostering the wellbeing and resilience of our workforce. Our wellbeing workshops are backed by research and designed to empower attendees with actionable resilience practices, enhancing their performance both at work and in their personal lives.

My overarching objective is to establish a sustainable community while nurturing the growth of Hawai'i's workforce. By equipping individuals with essential tools and skills to navigate challenges and flourish in their diverse roles, we can forge a more robust workforce capable of meeting our community's needs. Together, we can positively shape the Hawai'i of today and tomorrow.


September Sale
$100 off promo code "SEP100"

Wellbeing and Resilience
for health care professionals

Are you a healthcare professional seeking to enhance your personal and professional life? Embrace change with confidence and resilience through our transformative workshop. Change is an inherent part of life's tapestry, and with resilience, you can navigate your way.


Connecting with Wellbeing

Oct 4 and Oct 18

Windward Community College

In-person with food activity and meal

2.5 hours per session, 2 weeks

Total 5 hours. $425 pp.


A hands-on experiential learning with Tracie Ann Tjapkes and lessons in the kitchen with Executive Chef Daniel Swift.  Enjoy the baked goods you've created.

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